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Thread: Make ANH as you would like it

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    ^Well, I liked it when Han stepped on Jabba's tail. I don't know, it's because it would have been the very same thing I would have done, if I were Han.
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    I'd remake it as a Samurai picture. The film begins with two luckless peasants (playing the roles of 3PO and R2) escaping the aftermath of a battle. They meet and begin to travel with a general (playing the ObiKenObi part). The general is trying to transport the princess of a defeated royal family and what remains of their wealth to safe territory in secret. The peasants mostly impede his mission sometimes trying to run off with the gold. They are later joined by a farmerís daughter. Together, the five make an arduous and desperate trek through enemy territory, transporting a treasure of gold that the princess and the general hope to use to rebuild the princess's military to one day retake her land and rebuild her realm. Oh wait ... I forgot. That movie has already been made and Mr. Lucas ripped it off to make Episode IV.

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