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Thread: MOVIES/TV: Star Trek

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    AlanRJ Guest

    Default MOVIES/TV: Star Trek

    Star Trek has always been a very successful venture. All the series have started off on shaky legs and have gotten better. I have to say though that Star Trek: Enterprise has gotten off on the shakiest foot ever. I watched all of season 1 and I have to say I keep asking myself Why. Not one of the episodes held my attention. I know that Star Trek: The Next Generation was pretty bad in its first year but it was just so not as bad as this. Watching season 2 and it is slowly getting better but only marginally. And another thing, who out there enjoys the opening credits music, its not Star Trek music !

    If one person comes back and says they enjoy it or they love it then I will be shocked. So come on and give me your views on this latest and direst of Star Trek shows.

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    kopernikuz Guest


    I enjoyed the episodes I tuned into. But I don't watch regularly like I did with TNG. Could just be because I work a lot now and can only keep up with so many shows. But I think if nothing else, the relationships on this show are more similar to the original series. It's a bit more campy.

    As for the theme. I like the song, but no it's not Star Trek. They're clearly trying to capture the WB style teen audience into a new era of Star Trek. However, I LOVE the opening montage showing the evoltution of REAL space exploration into the Star Trek future... Really kind of cool. But the song makes me think I've tuned into Roddenberry's Creek.

    Other than that, I think the show is good... but I'm not much of a regular viewer.

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    vodo Guest


    The story of startrek acording to Vodo

    With the original ST seiries the ship took off from ground zero souring high only to loose momentum and fall in the later years. With the release of Star Wars a new hope in 1977 the ship gained hight by making the motion pictures. Again getting of to a slow start with tng it slowy picked up. Later it was joined by the trailing ds9. When the tng flight landed gracefully still with fans the ds9 still lacked in momentm and was faling. This is when voyager joined souring high ahead of ds9. A while later something strange happend ds9 started to pull itas weight flying higher and higher(with the cardasian war) until it gracefully landed unspoiled and rememberd. Voyager didn have the same fate. When the episode scorpian was released voyager started on its ever so terrifying fall ending up crashing in to the ground leaving a flaming crator. The funeral for star trek took place and the ships wer buried forever to remain a constant memory often a fond one. The an evil thing happen two men dug up the bodys and shoved poles up their ases and using them as twisted puppets. The enterprise will never fly again but god knows it will try.


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    mirax terrik horn Guest


    ok here is my opinion first off vodo you need to learn how to spell and second. i really like enterprise it is fun to watch b/c you see species that you have seen in later star trek shows but to them it is all new so it is cool in that aspect. i will admit that it did get off to a shaky start but has definitly gotten better much better that was my two cents take it or leave it.

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    Queen 'Onna Guest


    The show stinks.I have given up all hope of it geting better.

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    Aug 2002


    Some episodes are really good, some just suck, mostly I watch it for the hot Vulcan chick.

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    Queen 'Onna Guest


    I watch it because bad Star Trek is better than no Star Trek.

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    Very true. [img]style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/satisfied.gif[/img]

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    I hate that show, Voyager was much better. I think that Enterprise has bad writing, all the episodes pretty much the same.

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    Originally posted by Agent Bond A.K.A. TK-007@Mar 15 2003, 08:36 AM
    Some episodes are really good, some just suck, mostly I watch it for the hot Vulcan chick.
    Perfect answer, Bond. Her names Jolene Blalock, if you didn't know already.

    Seriously, I think you're wrong Vodo. Enterprise will get better and Star Trek's not dead. Nemesis (the last film), was superb in my opinion. Give Enterprise some time, DS9 was rubbish for 2 1/2 seasons at least before it became great.

    Voyager got a bit better after Scorpion was released, about a hot chick's worth of better.
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    Queen 'Onna Guest


    Star Trek is to dead. They have done like every story and plot.I don't see them coming out with any more shows.

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    bodhisattva yoda Guest


    damn trekkies!

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    Queen 'Onna Guest


    Dude you are in the wrong thread.

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    Queen 'Onna Guest


    You are a hater

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    bodhisattva yoda Guest


    hate isn't in my vocabulary.

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