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Thread: Moving Sale - Everything Must Go

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    Exclamation Moving Sale - Everything Must Go

    Hi all!
    There's a very strong possibility that we may make a big change here and move the site from one technology (vbulletin) to a free and less bloated platform (phpbb).

    I'll get you more details as I get further on, but I wanted to give you frequent posters and visitors a heads up.
    We're probably going to START OVER and REBOOT this message board.

    Blogs may go away - not sure on that. We're going to simplify things and try to get everything done in the lull before the new films start flying out.

    You'll have to re-register, etc... It'll be like a brand new board.

    So take some time, grab your blogs or posts that you want to keep. I'll research how I can keep the backup somewhere for a while but after a certain point, the old site will be gone.
    Just for the record, we have done this before in the old days... just not recently.

    Try not to get too pissed about it. I'm actually pretty excited to start over. Look at it that way and we'll be fine...

    More soon. If you have anything to ask, please email me as I'm not checking in here too often these days.


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    Default Re: Moving Sale - Everything Must Go

    New trilogy. New boards!

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