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    Hey guys, Jen Rhodes from the Anomaly podcast here. I'm sorry if this post was made in the wrong section... I didn't see a general acting or casting thread, so thought I'd start a new post.

    I wanted to post a notice that I'm still very interested in acting for fan-made audio dramas. I don't think I'm a good option for parodies, but if you have anything "dramatic" in the works I hope you'll consider me for your cast.

    I recently upgraded to a Shure SM7B microphone that's amplified by a Triton Fethead. I'll be recording voiceover work on a ZOOM H4. What I previously used for recording was okay, but I plan to do voiceover work for, and decided to purchase more professional equipment. Anyway, I'm looking for acting practice and I figured I'd put out the word in the fan audio communities I have been apart of in the past.

    I have narrated four short stories for Podcastle and have appeared in five audio dramas. In addition, I have gained roles for several dramas that didn't quite make it off the ground. I'm still hoping they'll hit a website eventually . Everything I've produced in the past was recorded on a condenser mic, which was very hot and picked up all sorts of noise. I hope you'll keep that in mind when listening to my samples. I have yet to record anything serious with my new Shure. If you want a sample recording of that just contact me through the forum or our web site's contact page over at

    Narration Work:
    Podcastle Miniature #58 Before The Uprising
    Podcastle Miniature 66: The Witch's Second Daughter
    Podcastle 183 The God-Death of Halla

    I also read one of Mur Laffety's short stories for Escape Artists' paid subscribers. It isn't available online unless you want me to send you a sample of the recording I made.

    Audio Dramas:
    Star Wars: In The Shadows - Guri (human replicant droid)
    Beaten to a Pulp- Doctor Samantha Crowley (Biblical archaeologist)
    A Christmas Caroled- The Angel of Christmas Past, Martha Cratchit
    Star Wars: Marvels- G'fin Ekojon (sorry don't remember which episode, my character died pretty quickly )
    Star Trek: Boldly- Commander Sevryll (Vulcan Starfleet Officer) (currently available in the Treks in Sci-Fi Podcast feed)

    If you don't know me, me co-host and I use to be apart of the community at Star Wars Fanworks. After a about three years we sort of morphed into a general Geek Culture show and didn't fit in the Star Wars and more category anymore. We're still producing podcasts over at In fact we've added a show to our feed called "Anomaly Supplemental". Anyway, there are several Star Wars episodes in our archives if you have any interest in checking those out.

    Here's my listing on Star Wars Fanworks:


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    Oh don't worry. I have plans for you :-)
    The Adventures of Indiana Jim
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    Producer of the Award-Winning Star Wars - Codename: Starkeeper Audio Drama

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