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  1. Re: The Last Person Thread... aka the Thread Killa Game

    Sorry to stop your attempt at the record...
  2. Re: The GS Bermuda Triangle: AKA "Where'd they vanish to?"

    Cracking stuff CJ, congratulations!
  3. Re: GAMING: What game are you playing?

    Farcry 3 has been pretty decent, wasn't expecting such a good game after 2 but they really hit the target on this iteration!
  4. Re: The Star Wars movies in 3D *Confirmed!*

    Apparently, and sadly, confirmed.
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    Re: MOVIES: Sherlock Holmes

    I've been enjoying the BBC's series too, just annoyed by the shortness of it!
    Wish we would just dopt the American style of season already, can't see where it'd go wrong.
  6. Re: GAMING: What game are you playing?

    Battlefield 3
  7. Re: The Last Person Thread... aka the Thread Killa Game

    Not to usurp your thread killing wishes, but...

    This is dead.
  8. Re: Survey: What's the Last Thing You Watched on TV?

    Caddyshack. Love that film too much man
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    Re: Article: Lucasfilm Sold to Disney

    Either way, they haven't done too bad with Marvel. And with Ford and Hamill expressing interest in returning, the only way is up!

    Now if we could only get KOTOR 3...
  10. Re: GAMING: Battlefront III Coming

    First time I ever heard a publisher complain about a "packed release schedule".

    If they want to release battlefront 3 next year, they should go ask EA instead, they can probably fit BF III in...
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    Re: Survey: What Do You Wish?

    I Wish I had Returned sooner...
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