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Jedi Master Elad Kenobi

Too old for this...

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Well it's been a long time since I patroned the tight-knit community of the galactic senate, and one thing hits me straight away: Wow, what the hell? Everything's gotten shiny, and complex since I was a young(er) poster here. Not to say it was bad: I routinely called for an overhaul or the sight along with a few other posters here, but seeing it happen infront of my eyes... It's cool. All new and "high speed". GS is looking good.

You know your old when you say: In my day( insert memory)
Guess I just got old.

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  1. Lord Tesla's Avatar
    I suspect you are not old. Old is when you can remember, as I can, the sign at Giza which read, "Coming Soon: The Pyramids."
  2. T-bone's Avatar
    Thank you!

    I'm with Tesla...ha.
  3. Master Kinnon's Avatar
    Elad I doubt that it's less about getting on and more about witnessing changes. Trust me, Tesla and T-Bone are right, the phrase "In my day..." takes on more meaning the older you get.
  4. Kommandant Felix's Avatar
    Yeah...I too feel old after looking at all the aren't alone, that's for sure.