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  1. I forgot i had you on there aswell lol. That was during my holiday in Eygpt in december on a trip to Petra, Jordan
  2. Haha seems I'm a bit late.

    Just been having a look at your Facebook (I totally forgot I had you on there) and your profile pic looks really nice, where abouts are you?
  3. Hey, yeah i dont miss the revision at all. I hope you get the grades you want. Its great news you have been accepted at least you know if you take a year out you will be accepted the following year. yeah i came back from afghan in october, it was this time last year i left to go out there.
  4. Hey, a nice surprise

    I'm just coming up to the end of my A-Levels. Hoping to come out with AAB in the end, hopefully.

    I'm actually just taking a break from my archaeology coursework to have a look round GS. Then it's exam revision time. I bet no-one misses that. I've applied to uni this year (and been accepted at Manchester and Leicester) for ancient history and archaeology however there's family problems so I might not be going this year but I will go. If I don't go this year I'll apply again next year and hope for the best, especially with the tutition fees going the triple but it's worth it all in the end. And hopefully competition for uni places will be lower unlike this year, I got rejected from a uni that would normally have made me an offer.

    How are you? I think you went out to Afganistan, how long ago was that now?
  5. Hey how are you? Been awhile since we last spoke. Hows your archaeology course going? I think you have started it now havent you or have i got it wrong?
  6. Well we went because of the archaeology course, it was ok but the tour was over in about half an hour becaus it's a wooden post alignment ther's not much left of it now, it was built during the bronze age.
  7. Well it only takes me about 2 hours on a good run. Never heard of flag fen before though
  8. Ok just checking, accepted it.

    Just check and yeh, i went to cambrigeshire about a month ago to flag fen (don't know if you've heard of it), it was a 3 hour journey there and a 4.5 hour journey on the way back, we only spent 2 hours there and the journey almost killed me , i was falling asleep on the way back which is unlike me, how far is Brize Norton from Cannok.
  9. Feel free to ask it i wont bite. Yeah im based at RAF Brize Norton, its near a place called Witney. Yeah and it was me who sent the friend request
  10. 4 a-levels in history, archaeology, human biology and chemistry, i'm just about to do the first lot of jan exam and i'm just about :censored: myself about them. Where about in Oxfordshire, i was down there about 4 weeks back, at least i think it was in the Oxfordshire county, not too sure. your profile said you are in the RAF, i want to ask an interesting question but don't know what to ask so why don't you let me know a little more about yourself if you don't mind telling me of course just been on facebook, has you sent me a friend request??? at least i think it's you
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