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  1. Developing Our Negatives into Positives

    by , 05-01-2011 at 08:42 PM (The Chronicles of Tov)
    Today, in the timed release of the shutter of my mind, the aperture of my thought process opened wider, leading to the development of a philosophy and the exposure of an idea. They say a picture tells a thousand words, but my words will tell you about a thousand pictures. So picture this, if you will, and take a snapshot of this concept:

    Unless you have the perfect job—or the perfect life—we’ve all focused on the negatives from time to time in our careers and our lives, right? ...
  2. A Note About Pain More or Less

    by , 03-26-2011 at 03:15 PM (The Chronicles of Tov)
    (I wrote this in 2008)

    I have problems. You have problems. We all have problems. Everybody hurts. Everybody bleeds. Everybody cries.

    "Stop whining!” someone may say. “There are other people with far worse problems than you; people with less money, more loss, more pain, more grief, etc.!"

    Of course there are. There are people with problems far worse than mine, and those with problems far less than mine. But there is something ...
  3. Thinking Outside the Box

    by , 03-23-2011 at 03:47 AM (The Chronicles of Tov)
    (I had written this blog in early 2008 and posted it then on my MySpace journal. I felt like reposting it here and now because…well, just because. It’s a 3 year old blog, but it’s a message that will always bear truth.)

    At work, during our weekly meeting, the topic of discussion was overcoming objections in sales. The term “thinking outside the box” was brought up by the Regional Director, as he drew a square on the dry-erase-board. He asked us if we knew where the ...
  4. December 23rd, the Day I Cheated Death

    by , 12-23-2010 at 04:47 AM (The Chronicles of Tov)
    December 23rd, 1981.
    It was 29 years ago today, a long time to pass, but I still carry the reminders--some physical limitations and mental scars--of that night. I reflect on the reminders every year at this time. I was asked once or twice, perhaps a few times more, why I remind myself of the significance of December 23rd. I explain that first of all, my limp on the leg I almost lost reminds me. Also, my need for daily medication reminds me, lest I forget to take my pills and have minor ...