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Blogs from the desk of T-bone, owner of the site and intergalactic wise-ass.

  1. The Future of TBSWU

    I've been maintaining TBSWU ( since 1996 which means I'm approaching the 15 year mark, if you can believe that. I have no way to back this up, but it might mean that this site is one of the longest running Star Wars fan sites still around today. Sure, I don't update as much but there's plenty of unauthorized reference material, interviews, and other little time capsules of information. (I have to say "unauthorized" or else the official cats will accuse me of trying ...
  2. Blogging on the GS

    Hey everyone!

    I just wanted to drop a quick blog on you all to say that as the days go by with the new site format, I'm REALLY impressed with the blogs I'm seeing from you all. I'm glad we opened that feature up to everyone!

    Some of you have really stepped up and have already posted some great stuff.
    Hopefully we'll expand the features as we figure things out.

    Please keep them coming.
  3. Test Blog

    This is a test. This is only a test.
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