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05-22-2005, 10:00 AM
When i was a young lad many years ago now and was growing up with the films etc - i had many (not all im sure) of the original kenner figures. I remember the day my mum sold them all and back then when i was young i never realised just how much i would miss them. Its only up until now have i decided to re-collect them. My question is for a 'new' collector - how many figures are there to collect from each series - i.e a new hope/empire strikes back and return of the jedi? Also how many vehicles from each series. If anyone can help restore my childhood it will be greatly appreciated and acknowledged.

05-22-2005, 10:38 AM
Kind of a tough question since they recarded some previous figures and vehicles for each movie release, plus it depends on how complete you want your figure collections. Some figures have several variations and some only came with playsets (blue snaggletooth). But there are 96 different figures from 1977-1985 that were available on the 4 major card versions. (not counting foreign cards). And there were 21 vehicles not counting the mini-rigs or playsets.

Plus this doesn't include figure from the Droids and Ewoks lines either.

Hope this gives you some idea… and good book for reference for all Vintage figures is Stephen Sansweet's "The Star Wars Action Figure Archive"

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