View Full Version : Need advice on a load of colectibles

tie pilot
05-17-2005, 09:46 PM
Great site, i am a big fan origionally from ireland but i live in the u.k.
Although I am a big fan I am in awe of some of the people on this site who seem to have immersed themselves in the force and all to do with it.

I recently was home, and went to the attic as you do and tried to make sense of a big pile of stuff.
I found my star wars toys and all the associated kit.
But a few things stood out as being unusual and i wonder if any one here might have heard of similar things.

One was an audio cassette book of "The Empire Strikes Back" with a thrashed little book to go with it but the tape is hilarious a condensed version of the film.
It kinda goes;"rebels flee hoth,luke trains then goes to rescue.........."

The second item is a Star Wars passport.
It is likely that it is post "Return of the Jedi" as it has passes for endor.
although as a kid i put my name on it it is pretty origional the idea was you cut out the stamps from bespin and hoth and even the death star and stuck them in the relevant pages.
Pretty cool though,the stamps say things like"the admistrator of bespin,cloud city welcomes you"

so has any one heard of these, i think i will keep most of the ships and figures but get rid of all the bits and bobs as i cant part with my stormtrooper collection.
I dont care much for rebel figures but i want an imperial army.

Any ideas thanks.

Kaken Osmex
05-18-2005, 12:49 PM
I remember an Empire storybook with a tape ( also for ANH and RotJ) but I never heard of the other stuff.

I am no expert on the monitary value of any colectable, I would say, if it means something to you, keep it, if not search around and see what the going rate is.

tie pilot
05-18-2005, 09:06 PM

Yeah I want to keep the figures, but the passport and books and tape things and such like, Would part with them.

But I have never came accross the passport thing anywhere.
Ah well there is always e-bay.

thanks for the help.

24 hrs untill episode 3.

It better be good, I have my "worst episode ever " t-shirt ready, hope i wont need it.