View Full Version : Star Wars ROTJ : Luke Sail Barge Costume 4 SALE

04-06-2006, 12:09 AM
1) This is the outfit Luke wore during his battle with Jabbas minions on the Sand Skiff and for most of the movie.

2) This outfit was custom made for me by a private Sci-Fi costume maker in 1998 for $275.

Please keep in mind that this costume is sized for someone who can fit into a Size Small Shirt (Adult size). I'm 5'5 in height, but can still fit into this Costume as seen in the pictures. I will give specific measurements of the outfit below:

Measurement Chart:

Measurement around the Chest (measure putting measuring tape around your chest all the way around your back and under arm pit): 36 in.

From top of Shoulder to bottom of shirt: 23 in.

Cuff measurement around wrist (these can be un-buttoned): 8 in.

Collar around neck (when white bib is closed): 14.5 in

Shoulder to Shoulder (left to right): 15 in.

Arm Length (from Shoulder point to absolute end of Cuff): 22 in.

Circumference around bottom-most part of shirt: 40 in.

Measurements of Cloth Waistband and Scarf:

Scarf dimensions (Length X Width): 56 in. X 4 in.

Waistband dimensions (Lenght X Width): 38 in X 5 in.

Waistband when clipped closed around waist: 33 in. (this will fit anyone with up to a 31-32 waist size.)

All in all this is a good costume for those who need something for display purposes or for an occassion like Sci-Fi Conventions, or even Holloween.

The costume has been examined and is in Like New Condition as it was stored away in a protective storage bin.

Price is $165 shipped. Paypal prefered method of payment, Sales final.

The pictures below were done to the best of my effort to show the materials and fitting of the costume. For questions or interest PM me or do a reply.

Thanks again,